A unique feature at The Works Museum, our Design Lab features projects and engineering design challenges you can do at your own pace. Experiment and explore to your heart’s content! Current challenges:

Canoodle Building

Pool noodles are not just for floating anymore… Use Canoodle connectors to make a cool creation out of pool noodles! Make a flower, an airplane, or a fort to sit in- anything is possible!

Pattern Play

Let the games begin! Roll the dice to get blocks of different shapes and sizes, then use those blocks to recreate a pattern. See if you can complete the pattern before your opponent does!

Doodle Bots

Use Doodle Bots to create cool art! Attach markers to these jittering, bouncing, spinning robots and see what amazing patterns can be created.


Create your own labyrinth in Tilt-A-Maze! Set up paths, dead ends, and a start and finish. Then drop in a ball and see if you can navigate through your maze, just by tilting the table!

canoodle patternplay doodlebot tiltamaze